Entire page missing?

Like right now, there's exactly zero thumbnails in the first page of post index. I also remember seeing this when flipping through the pages: exactly one page without thumbnails.

I know there are posts "hidden" from normal members, but it's still weird to see exactly one page missing: How "lucky" it must be to have 20 hidden posts lined up exactly right? Makes me wonder whether some one image on that page hides the entire page? Is that even possible?

Of course, this is without any blacklisted tags and adblock off.

Alright, after the above message some new posts were added, so now it's Page 2 that's empty, and there's definitely something going on because I have one post added to my favorites which is now "lost" in Page 2.

Poked around in DOM inspector a little bit. On the empty page, all <span> elements representing the thumbnails have class="thumb blacklisted". This is obviously problematic since I have absolutely nothing in my blacklist.

An image was uploaded with no tags. It's a bug that Log has been after me to fix for quite some time now (LAZY ADMIN ITT).

I found the file and fixed it.

Excellent, no empty page anymore. Thanks!

It's a one-line fix you lazy jerk.

Looks like this bug is back again. post #355226 doesn't have any tags, so it's bringing an entire page down with it.
... so I tagged it to see the rest of the page.

It's back again.
Now the 10 page missing.

There seems to be something that is turning an entire page blank between post #383498 and post #383519.

This bug strikes again! post #565685, not having any tags, brought down (currently) page 2.

Thanks for catching and thanks to Hypno for fixing.