Danbooru 2 Upgrade

Not happening. Too many bugs and flaws with virtually no upsides. Nil and I already discussed this elsewhere.

Just letting the five people who use both sites know.

Good decision. We do indeed need to delay our update for further review.

And wow, I already reported about 15 issues on the Github. I'm surprised with how prematurely released the upgrade is.

Now may be a better time to upgrade, with most of the bugs fixed and a sizable number of improvements in the new codebase. Up to you still.

It's somewhat better but I have a feeling that between custom tagtypes and standard bug squishing that comes up every time we upgrade nil's gonna have to set aside 3-5 days to do it.

9+ years later and still no update...

I'd suggest looking at Moebooru (https://github.com/moebooru/moebooru) for a more modern (read: Rails 7) version of Danbooru 1.