Tag Implication: coke -> soda

Implicating coke -> soda.

Reason: Coca-cola is trademark name of a soda. Coke refers to it.

Agree. The recognition of Coke is a testimony to their marketing success. I think the same thing can be said for Frisbee -> flying_disc or Pocky -> biscuit_stick.

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic because those latter two make no sense.

Anyways we should probably move it to coca-cola because coke can mean more than one thing.

Since anon153 equated Coke with Coca-cola, the suggestion of Coke -> soda is the same as Coca-cola -> soda. A soda is not necessary Coca-cola but Coca-cola is a brand of soda. Likewise, a flying disc is not necessary a Frisbee but Frisbee is a brand of flaying disc, and a biscuit stick is not necessary Pocky but Pocky is a brand of biscuit stick.