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the rules thread
  • The primary focus of this image archive is Asian women, so please keep that in mind while posting. Professional/near professional gravure, idols, cosplay and actress photo sets are preferred. No low quality, icon or cell phone photos unless they might considered remarkable¹.
  • Members are limited to 80 posts per day.
  • Anonymoose and Members are limited to 4 comments per hour.
  • All member posted images are subject to Moderator Approval™.
  • Tagging is required. Tags are descriptive and help a user to find the images so don't forget to do this. Try to get the names of the models, cosplayers and if applicable the character and series. Also make sure to tag any obvious stuff. Tags that include spaces should be entered with underscores i.e. side-tie bikini would tag as side-tie_bikini. If you upload a bunch of tagme images you will be jailed and/or killed and we don't want to have to do that. If you are unsure of something, ask.
  • Dupes will be deleted. If you have a larger/better version of an image flag the lower quality one and note the new post in the reason.
  • As of now, all cosplay images should include the cosplay tag. This should not include cosplayers doing normal modeling shoots but should include gravure girls doing cosplay shoots (typically, maid, stewardess, etc). Thanks to Log and Natalie for updating entries.
  • For now we aren't allowing nudity/porn stuff. Several reasons for this:
    • Allowing nudity means we can't administer from work/school/church/your mom's house/whatever.
    • Free porn sites can require enormous amounts of bandwidth and frankly we are not interested in paying for that kind of traffic.
    • The current advertising service frowns on porn and while this site has yet to ever pay for even a month of running it we are not interested in going back to previous advert services that don't because their pseudo-porn ads were obnoxious at best.

Rules will be updated as necessary so I will sticky this.

¹ subject to Moderator Approval™

These aren't necessarily rules but guidelines and won't get you banned, they may not even get you a record unless you repeat them a lot.

If you do not know the name of the model in an image, add a tagme_model tag. Every image on this site should have some instance of a model tag.

Positional tags are a no-no. sitting standing head_up_butt_down, no.

pigtails are twintails

More if we think of it.

nilnote: please to be tagging twin_braids. Ocean is ocean, not water.

Apparently this was never formally stated this outside irc but the only hair colors that get tagged are haircolors not natural to japanese.