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Pantsu Heavy Industries, LLC.

3dbooru Tsuntsun Mission Statement

To promote and archive images of Asian women. The general categories of these images include:

  • Cosplayers
  • Models
  • Actresses
  • Idols
  • Random Cute Girls

Fat, ugly or diseased shambling horrors can go start their own damn 'booru.

While discussion and suggestions are encouraged, 3dbooru is not a democracy and is ruled with an iron fist by the administrators and moderators. Whining, bitching, moaning and general passive-aggressive tactics will not do you well here.

The name is a play on the term 2-D Complex but signifies that we only accept photos of women, not drawings, CG, sketches or the like. There are other danbooru-based sites a list of which can be found on the Overbooru - http://pinochan.net/overbooru that cater to these tastes including the mother of all booru's and clone sites, Danbooru - http://danbooru.donmai.us.