3db User Levels

Well I've been meaning to put this topic together for a while since our system works totally different from danbooru. If you are caught contributing you will eventually earn priv.

The general process for each level:

1) Increased Upload Limit
Upload anything on-topic and your cap will be raised from 10 to 40. At ~100 posts your limit will be upped to 60.
2) Privileged
At 200-250 posts your account will be upgraded to privileged.
This can also be obtained by editing tags. If you identify a bunch of tagme character and/or tagme series images you will be bumped to priv but without the upload limit change. You may also earn this through general tag edits. If they are good edits that require conscious thought or specialized knowledge (coughpantyhosecough) you will earn priv within a couple hundred edits. If they are something more simple then it will take 4-500 edits.
This may also be earned by filling out missing wiki pages. There is no set number because nil and I are the only ones who currently have any real wiki editing. If I notice you're doing wiki edits I may just bump you up.
3) Contributor
500 good, on-topic posts and next to no deleted posts.
4) Janitor+
This is ultra-unlikely but if you have a ton of edits or a ton of posts you may earn your way to janitor+. There's only one case of people we don't personally know so far so don't expect this (not that it would gain you access to anything useful anyways.)

We can track edits through Tag Updates and Wiki Updates report pages which we (I) check on a decently regular basis so don't worry your edits will go unnoticed. Posts are far easier and more blatant to track so don't worry that we will miss those, either.

Why should I care?
Priv+ will gain you access to tag searches with up to 6 simultaneous tags and no ads. Contributor+ will allow you to bypass the mod queue.

what's the difference between Janitor and Mod?

Janitors can approve/delete/undelete posts and revert a user's entire tag or note edit history.

Mods can ban users, lock/sticky forum threads, double delete posts, perform mass tag edits, edit or delete users' comments/private pools/forum posts, lock/unlock/rename/delete wiki entries as well as everything above.

Admins can reset passwords for users, promote/demote users, create/delete tag aliases and implications, and edit users' upload limits as well as everything above.