A basic account... how do I go further?

I've recently realized I've been on what the site considers to be a basic account for as long as I've been here. I am wondering, is there a further level, is that level available publicly, and if so, how might I attain that?
As it stands, I can only search with two tags (which is fine, and I appreciate, but there are some cases where a third tag would be nice) and I find that when I am browsing search results, some pages only contain two or three images, and some pages are blank. I wonder if this is due to my account status.

Any and all information is greatly appreciated.

Contribute. Post images, add tags, or correct tagme* images.

Go through cosplay gentags:1 and add some more general tags, go through gentags:..2 -cosplay and add tags.

Blank pages are most likely for the handful of images only admins can see for certain reasons.

Thank you for the information. I'll do what I can!