Just go ahead and reuse this thread. You can also link wiki entries on the forum the same way you do it in the wikis themseleves.

chibi usa has been merged into the entry that the tag has been aliased to, and can now be deleted.

Please remove wiki for entry for tsuduki rui. It has already been aliased to tsuzuki rui.

mumiiko is no longer needed. It is a duplicate of miiko. Both share Moon: みいこ and Cure: 149329. Both set of images verify with Cure. I think they should be consolidated.

Moved to the latter, former wiki purged.

Please remove wiki entries shizuku_(cosplayer)_ and yuuki_(ii). They were entry errors.

Please remove wiki entry anco. It is a duplicate of anko. I think MPZero's romanization (anko) is probably more accurate than Cure's (anco).

Please removed entry saki(oneechanbra). It is not in use.

Also, yae maiko and yue maiko are both pointing to Cure 88927. The two entries were created almost 3 months apart. I think the romanization on Cure may have changed during that period. The two entries should be consolidated.


Asking remi about the romanization as the current one romanizes to yae for me.

Definitely Yae, based on the cure page info.

kyoka and kyouka are both pointing to Cure 50456. The entries were created about a year apart. I re-tagged 17 images in kyoka to kyouka, since 鏡花 romanizes to kyouka for me. However, I noticed afterwards that Cure has it romanized to kyoka.

Quite a few people change a long o into o instead of ou so Cure's just wrong in this case.


Please remove wiki for kosakurashimon. It is a duplicate of kosakura shimon.

Please remove wiki for ratsakura. It is a duplicate of rat_sakura.

Pleas remove wiki entry honoka akitsu. It is for the same person as wiki entry akitsu honoka. All images have been re-tagged.

Please remove wiki entry Nanami Haruka. Its content has been place in Nanami Haruka (unp) because the former tag is assigned to a model and the wiki entry is for a character.

Please remove shimei_ryomou. It was mistakenly added. All images were assigned to sakura_ryuu.

Please remove the wiki for yukino_(ii). It has bee replaced with hiiragi yukino

Please either remove the wiki for taku11 or alias it to taku junichi. If you decide to remove taku11 then the note in post 197531 should also be updated.

Please delete post #343272 it is a duplicate of post #343273 at a low resolution.

Please remove unyo. It is now neko.

Please remove wiki for Midorikawa Noa. The correct entry is Midorikawa Nao.

Please remove wiki for narumi_reon. It has been combined with narumi_lain.

Please remove wiki for narumi_rein. It has been combined with narumi_lain.

Please remove wiki for usagi ko. It has been replaced with usako.

Please remove wiki entry Amamiya Tome. It has been replaced with Amamiya Luna.

Please remove wiki entries toujou_ushie and zenpouji_tonanoritai. They have been replaced with shie and beni. Thanks.

oops wrong delete button.